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Introduction to Research Development Facility

VC Chemicals and Novic International are leading the development of future technologies through its highly trained personnel and intensive investment in R&D. Our lab technicians are highly skilled and trained and possess the knowledge necessary to manufacture pigments, dyestuffs, auxiliaries, intermediates, inks, colorants based on your required specifications. Our know-how can offer economic and dispersion advantages for aqueous systems.

Our company invests approximately 5% of its annual turnover for various R&D activities of the company. Research on the textile field of precision chemistry is conducted at the central laboratory ranging from organic and inorganic materials to composite materials combining both the organic and inorganic materials.

In order to meet calls for new materials in the forthcoming 21st century, VC Chemicals Research Development Center (VCRD) continues to make utmost efforts in the development of new materials including special polymers, special functionality resins and composite materials.

VC Chemical and Novic International are state owned enterprise combining scientific research, production and application together. Great effort has been spent to development of better quality products and protection of environment. Our principle of doing business is Sincerity, Efficiency, Quality and Credit. Mr. Vichai Veravit, President of VC Chemicals, with all the employees of this factory, will sincerely welcome cooperation from firms home and abroad about pigment, fluorescent, auxiliaries, dyestuff, and dyestuff intermediates products.

Do you need free technical help from our textiles labs? Do you have an idea for a new product and need a technical and manufacturing partner? Kindly describe your requirement and send us an email.

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