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Fluorescence Pigment

Colorants emitting fluorescence that is daylight fluorescent pigments, yield pure bright colors unobtainable with ordinary dyes and pigments. Recently, as a fashion material, tastes for natural fibers have become stronger, and because of this, demand for textile use pigments have increased rapidly. In addition to this, demand for textile fluorescent pigment has also shown tendencies of increasing.


Fluorescent pigment has been used mainly for print use in the textile field; however, recently it has been frequently used for padding, this due to diversifications in fashion and in the development of textile processing technology. With the expansion of sports and leisure, specially in ski and marine sports, it is becoming more widely used for clothing related to these fields; marine sports wear such as swimming suit, swimming trunks, wet suit, ski wear, cap, etc.


As use in such fields widen, the required efficiency of fluorescent pigment use is heightening. We would like to introduce the high quality fluorescent Brighter Pigment Dispersion SV Series, the quality of which has been designed to meet demands for efficient use in various fields.


Brighter Pigment Dispersion SV Series is available for wide application in various fields of textile printing such as roll printing, automatic screen printing, hand screen printing and other processes.

Features of NOVIC Pigment Dispersion SV Series

Superior Workability

They contain no coarse particles because the particle size of the SV Series is below 1.0µms Accordingly, it causes no trouble such as clogging in screen mesh or plate cylinder and mottling in printing.

Superior resistance to heat

There is no discoloration by drying at about 400°F (204°C). This property allows rapid curing at higher temperatures than with conventional fluorescent pigments.

Superior light-fastness

NOVIC Pigment Dispersion SV Series has a light fastness of Class 4 on the wool scale so that fluorescent pigments may be used to produce a beautifully designed pattern.


 The SV Series on the other hand, contains no formaldehyde, and is therefore safe pigment dispersion

Brilliancy and purity

The colors available with SV Series are very brilliant and pure.