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Auxiliary For Textile Dyeing
Printing Textile Auxiliary Agents

In the auxiliaries and textile chemicals sector, VC Chemical Co., Ltd. and Novic International Co., Ltd. has been active for many years as a reliable company able to supply a complete range of chemicals meeting the highest ecological requirements. The product range includes de-sizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, optical brightener, decortizing, de-gumming, milling, and anti-felting agents.


Printing assistants and catalysts

Anti-foam agent

Reducing agents

Anti-slip/Snag agent

Resin finishes and catalysts


Resists printing agents and assistants

Binder for pigments

Rubbing fastness improving agent

Binders for fiber, yarns and fabric

Scouring agents and assistants

Bleaching agents and assistants

Sequestering / chelating agents

Chromitex / phototex / aromatex agents

Silicone elastomer

Cross-linking agent

Soaping agent

Defoaming / Foaming agents


Degumming agents and assistants

Spotting and dry-cleaning

Detergent / washing assistants

Stain-repellent finishes/soil release

Discharge printing agents and assistants

Starches and sizes

Dispersing agent

Stripping agents

Dyeing assistants

Thickening agent

Emulsifying agents and assistants

Titanium Dioxide

Finishing auxiliaries

Viscosity modifier

Fixing agent/dyeing after treatments

Water-repellent agent


Wetting and penetrating agents


Whitening finishes